In case you missed it: Gov. Sam Brownback announced a plan to borrowborrow! — $900 million to fund ordinary operations (read it in the Wichita Eagle) because of the giant tax giveaway that he proposed and Amanda Grosserode supported.  That’s like using your Visa card to pay for groceries and utilities because you gave your wealthy friend the expensive gift he thought he deserved.

This does NOT make financial sense! And, worse, it digs a bigger hole for the state budget to fill. At the rate he and Grosserode and their allies are going, our children are going to be in debt for years to pay for the tax giveaway to more than 300,000 business and farm owners.

This has to stop, and there’s only one way to stop it: to elect a new legislature in November. All the seats are up for election. Find your district, and vote for a responsible candidate. In House District 16, that’s me, Cindy Holscher. Contact us to volunteer, or make a donation, or sign up for our newsletter. We need your help, because we can’t afford to let this travesty continue.